Who Invented Air Conditioning?

April 12, 2021
Close up of air conditioner

As the weather heats up in Lake Charles, you’ll likely be reaching for your thermostat to turn on your air conditioner. While most people don’t give their air conditioner a second thought, it’s important to acknowledge that the modern air conditioner didn’t just happen by accident. Through the efforts of a few brilliant people, homes and businesses everywhere can now stay comfortable all summer long. For further insights into the history of air conditioning, check out this report from ACR Air Conditioning & Heating.

Nothing But Ice

In the past, the only way to cool a room was to use ice. Blowing a fan over a block of ice could significantly lower the temperature of a room. However, the problem was that you had to find a reliable supply of ice during the summer when ice had a tendency to melt quickly. Providing reliable cooling in warm climates would take further innovation.

Carrier’s First System

Willis Carrier is the main individual responsible for the invention of the modern air conditioner. Carrier realized that manipulating the humidity levels in the air could help to raise or lower its temperature. He also realized that you could control the humidity levels without the need for ice. Humidity removal is still one of the main jobs of air conditioners sold by ACR Air Conditioning & Heating today.

Smaller in Size

At first, air conditioners were quite large. This meant that the only places you could get cool during the summer were commercial buildings such as stores and movie theaters. If you did want air conditioning in your home, you had to be quite wealthy to afford the new technology and the space to house the large system. However, in 1929, Frigidaire brought to market a split system that could be used in average-sized homes, paving the way for the comfort that homeowners have enjoyed ever since.

Taking Care of Modern Air Conditioners

When it comes to air conditioners, ACR Air Conditioning & Heating has what it takes to keep yours working properly. We can install, maintain, and perform AC repair on all brands of furnaces and air conditioners. Plus, we can clean your ducts, install ductless mini-split systems, and take on commercial jobs. Serving the area for over 20 years, the pros at ACR Air Conditioning & Heating are ready to tackle your home comfort project. To learn more about air conditioners, new and old, contact us at ACR Air Conditioning & Heating today. We look forward to serving your home climate comfort needs.

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