The Way to Safely Relight Your Furnace

September 13, 2021
Relighting Furnace in Lake Charles, LA

If you own a gas furnace, knowing how to relight the pilot light is important. Pilot lights can go out because of drafts, part failure, or poor maintenance practices. You should always refer to the manufacturer’s manual before attempting to relight your furnace.

Find the Pilot Assembly

Start by locating the ignition assembly and the reset button that operates the pilot light. These are usually found near the bottom of the furnace. The reset button will be labeled with these settings: on, off, and pilot.

Turn Off the Reset Button

Turn the reset button to the off position. This position turns off the gas that flows to the pilot light. Often you can hear the shut-off occur because the hissing sound of the gas stops.

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Wait Before Igniting

Give the gas time to dissipate before moving to the next step. This should take about two minutes. If you don’t follow this step, you could ignite the gas trapped in the chamber.

Prepare to Relight

Turn the reset button to the pilot position. This primes the pilot for a re-ignition and releases the flow of gas back into the system.

Ignite the Pilot Light

Ignite a lighter or match. Push in the pilot button and hold it in place. Place the flame inside the ignition chamber to light the pilot. Don’t release the button until the flame is burning steadily. Your furnace should automatically begin to operate once the pilot light is working.

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