Steps to Clean a Window AC Unit

May 16, 2022
Window AC Unit in Lake Charles, LA

Mold and mildew may grow inside of your window AC if you don’t regularly clean it. The window AC becomes less effective at cooling your home when it’s dirty as well. To clean the appliance, you’ll need to unplug it and gather a cloth, fin comb or soft-bristled brush, compressed air, spray bottle filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide, a screwdriver and a drip tray.

Clean the Filter

Remove the front panel of your window AC, and take out the filter. If it has a lot of hair or dirt on it, vacuum it. Then, wash the filter with warm, soapy water. Wait for the filter to completely dry before placing it back in the air conditioner.

Clean the Grill and Exterior

Wipe down the grill and exterior with a damp cloth. If you prefer to wash it, use warm water and mild detergent. Wait until the appliance is completely dry before plugging it back in.

Brush Dirt Away from the Fins and Coils

Using a fin comb or a soft-bristled brush, brush dirt away from your AC’s fins. Be gentle and take your time to avoid damaging the fins. Use a can of compressed air to blow away dust from the coils.

Empty the Drip Tray

You can empty the drip try with a wet vacuum or use a damp cloth. Wipe around the drain opening with a cloth to make sure no debris is blocking it. Wait for everything to dry before you reassemble the air conditioner.

Spray Hydrogen Peroxide on the Appliance

After you reassemble the air conditioner, spray it with your 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. This will discourage mildew growth. Wait for the appliance to dry before plugging it in.

Cleaning your window AC unit is a simple process once you get the hang of it. You only need to go through this deep cleaning process once or twice a year. The filter, however, should be cleaned monthly.

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