Is My Air Conditioner Causing Air Pollution?

June 13, 2022
Mu in Lake Charles, LA

Reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to help your local and global environment. Many traditional HVAC systems release a large amount of pollution into the air as they heat or cool your home. Here’s how your air conditioner may be affecting the environment and what you can do to lower your global impact.

Air Conditioners and Pollution

Air conditioners often release gases like nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide. These gases negatively affect both your health and the planet. Modern AC units also release hydrofluorocarbons, which are more commonly known as greenhouse gasses. Older units may contain Freon and other outdated refrigerants that cause serious damage to the ozone layer.

Minimizing Your AC’s Pollution

There are several ways you can limit your AC unit’s overall impact on the environment. Ensure your system is receiving regular maintenance to minimize your risk of hazardous leaks. If your air conditioner uses an outdated refrigerant, consider replacing your system with an energy-efficient alternative.

Keep your home’s internal temperature a few degrees higher. Minimizing your AC usage lowers how often your system has to kick on during the day. Use fans in the house for improved circulation. Decreasing how often you use your air conditioner during the summer can help the environment and lower your monthly energy bills.

Reputable HVAC Services

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