How Do I Find the Right Size Mini-Split for My Home?

December 20, 2022
Ductless Mini-split in Lake Charles, LA

e process for each room you want to cool.

Environmental Factors to Consider

When working with your HVAC technician to size your mini-split unit, you must consider external factors and environmental conditions. These include increased humidity, additional heat sources, and ceiling height.

If your home has a ceiling height of 8 feet or more, you will want to increase the number of BTUs by 20%. An older home that is poorly insulated requires more power to cool, and you should expect to increase the BTUs by 30%. A house in an area with seasonal temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above will require you to increase the BTUs calculated based on square footage by 30% to cool the home adequately.

Additional factors include the number of people in a room at one time. The more people, the more cooling power you will need. The orientation of the room to the sun is another crucial factor. For example, south-facing windows let in more heat than those that face north.

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