3 Reasons Why Your Heater Won’t Turn Off

October 13, 2021
Heater Troubleshooting in Lake Charles, LA

When cold air arrives in Lake Charles, LA, you expect your heater to turn on and warm your home. A normal heating cycle should last for a few minutes. Once the heater achieves the temperature setting on your thermostat, the system should turn off for at least a few minutes. If your heater turns on and won’t turn off again, you may feel concerned. Consider these three reasons why your heater is still running and what you should do.

1. Thermostat Problem

The thermostat controls the timing of every heating cycle. A problem with your thermostat may cause your heater to stay on instead of turning off when the heating system achieves your preferred temperature. The thermostat’s temperature gauge may need to be recalibrated. It’s also possible that the thermostat has failed and needs to be replaced. If your home keeps getting warmer, the problem is likely a thermostat issue. If you feel cold air blowing from your vents, there’s probably another reason why your heater won’t turn off.

2. Refrigerant Leak

If you use a heat pump for warmth in the wintertime, a refrigerant leak may be the cause of a constantly running heater. When the refrigerant leaks out of the closed-loop system, the pressure gets too low. The refrigerant isn’t able to absorb enough heat from the outdoor air. As more refrigerant leaks out of the system, the heat pump’s safety switch will engage and shut the heater off.

3. Faulty Sensor

Heaters have multiple sensors to ensure safe and effective operation. On a furnace, the pilot and flame sensors may become dirty from soot, ash, grease or dust buildup. This may cause the sensor to be stuck in the “on” position. A faulty thermocouple may also cause the heater to keep cycling.

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