Why Is My Furnace Noisy?

December 16, 2021
Furnace Noise in Lake Charles, LA

When chilly nighttime temperatures arrive in Lake Charles, LA, you’ll turn to your furnace for prompt relief. If your furnace starts making loud or unusual noises, this is a cause for concern. Here are a few of the common reasons why furnaces are noisy.

Damaged Bearings

Damaged bearings will make your furnace sound like an off-balance washing machine. The bearings may need to be tightened or replaced in order to eliminate the annoying sound.

Loose or Deteriorated Fan Belt

Squealing sounds often mean that your furnace has a loose, cracked, or deteriorated fan belt. If the rubber belt cracks, your furnace won’t be able to blow hot air into your home’s ductwork.

Dirty Burner

Soot, dust, or ash on the furnace burners will ignite and burn off during a heating cycle. When this happens, you may hear popping sounds. Debris on the burner means that it’s time to have your furnace cleaned and inspected to ensure proper combustion.

Debris in Air Ducts

A rattling sound when your furnace turns on may be due to debris in the air ducts. Small bits of metal, rodent nesting materials, or even an animal could get into the ducts. If you hear an occasional crackling sound during a heating cycle, this is often due to the expansion and contraction of the metal ducts, which isn’t a concern.

Failing Compressor

A failing compressor may squeal, squeak or make metal-on-metal grinding sounds. Compressor failure will cause your furnace to shut down, and most compressor issues necessitate a replacement of the broken part.

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