Why Air Quality Matters

May 21, 2019

It’s critical that the air inside of your home is safe to breathe. Otherwise, you and your family could experience a variety of health issues that could cost money to remedy. Furthermore, reduced air quality could result in a reduced quality of life. It may also make your house less appealing on the open market.

Don’t Exacerbate Existing Health Issues

If you have allergies, asthma, or any other type of health issue, the last thing you want to be breathing in is dust or pollen. Mold, mildew, and other spores can also get into the air and be transported around your house with ease. In some cases, those who don’t have allergies or asthma can develop breathing issues because of exposure to indoor air pollutants. An indoor air quality assessment from ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc in Lake Charles can let you know if there’s anything that you should be concerned about.

Particles Can Clog Ducts

Particles in the air could settle in ducts, on a furnace, or along vents. These particles can make it harder for air to pass through a duct or make it more difficult for a blower motor to work properly. This can result in friction that could generate dangerously hot conditions in your home. If dust or pollen settles on an air vent, it could be carried in the air to almost any room in the house.

Dirty Air Can Smell Bad

Air that’s contaminated by mold or smoke can smell terrible, and the smell can linger long after you get rid of the smoke or mold itself. This can make it difficult to spend long periods of time in your house, and it can also make it harder to sell if buyers are exposed to the odors in the air.

If you need help cleaning the air in your home, call ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc today at our office in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We can also install and repair a variety of heating and cooling components in your home.

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