The Pros and Cons of Space Heaters

November 6, 2019

People often have strong opinions on space heaters. Some praise them for saving them money on heating, and others warn they’re too dangerous. Here’s the truth on space heaters.

Save Money on Heating

When you use a space heater in the right way, it will save you money on heating bills. If used incorrectly, however, you may have more expensive heating bills. Space heaters aren’t designed to be the sole source of heat in your home. You must use them for supplemental heating.

Keep your home’s heating system on and use a space heater in your bedroom while you’re in it. Turn off the heater if you leave the room. Using a space heater this way allows you to keep the house thermostat set at a lower temperature.

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Hazards to Be Aware Of

You must also follow safety instructions for operating a space heater. Approximately 25,000 house fires each year result from space heaters. When the space heater tips over, it can cause a fire. Placing items too close to the space heater can also start fires. A lesser-known way that space heaters cause fires is when they are plugged into an extension cord instead of an outlet.

Choose a space heater that has overheat protection and automatically shuts off when it’s tipped over. Follow the guidelines in your space heater’s instruction manual. Some heaters need to be vacuumed every two weeks to remove dust that has gathered inside. If you want to use the space heater in the bathroom, it needs to be designed for that purpose. Most space heaters aren’t safe for use in the bathroom.

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