Lennox Mini Split AC System - ACR Air Conditioning and HeatingThe time has come to install a ductless mini-split in Bell City, LA, but you want to make sure that a professional takes on the job. A mini-split AC can bring with it many benefits, especially if you install more than one. Perhaps you own a historic home and you don’t want to compromise its structure and its feel with bulky, invasive ductwork. Or maybe you know that you can hook up eight air handlers to a single compressor, and you’ve calculated that this will be enough to provide whole-house cooling. Whatever the situation, you want to start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

    But for those unfamiliar with mini-splits, let’s explain what they are. They are, in essence, heat pumps without the ductwork. They use an air handler to pull heat energy, a refrigerant line to transfer it, and a compressor to release it. Installing these is a cinch compared to the process for traditional heat pumps.

    Quality Mini-Split AC Installation

    First, you get great flexibility as to where to place the outdoor and indoor units. The air handler portion is sleek and compact and will go well with any style of room. Mount it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. Then, the refrigerant line passes from there to the compressor through a 3-inch hole in the wall. The compressor can hook up to as many as eight air handlers and be as far as 50 feet away, so put this unit in an unseen place if possible.

    Here’s what to expect after you install your mini-split:
    • Tremendous energy savings
    • Years of performance
    • Multi-zone cooling
    • Remote control access

    Because they lack vents, mini-splits can deliver all their cool air directly into your room without any wastage; this is where the savings come in. Besides that, having multiple mini-splits saves you money by reducing operating costs. When the room becomes vacant, you can turn off the system there without compromising comfort elsewhere in the home. And when everyone is home, everyone gets to adjust the temperature in their room according to their liking.

    Lennox Mini Split System - ACR Air Conditioning and Heating Inc

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