How to Read HVAC Gauges

July 16, 2020

HVAC gauges allow technicians to take pressure readings and assess HVAC repair and maintenance needs. This type of gauge set reads vacuum pressure and gas pressure. It can also be used to add refrigerant and discharge or reclaim refrigerant from the system.

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Choosing Between a Digital or Analog Gauge

Technicians can choose gauges with a digital or an analog reading. The blue gauge is for low-pressure readings, and the red is for high-pressure readings. With analog gauges, the needle will swivel to reveal the pressure reading. Analog gauges require the technician to mathematically convert the reading for a proper result. Digital units have a computer panel that returns a reading to the technician. Digital gauges handle the mathematical conversion processes.

Components of an HVAC Gauge

Gauge sets, whether digital or analog, are attached to a manifold body. This is a rectangular housing unit with valves. Valves are used to moderate the gas flow. Below the manifold housing are three couplings. One connects to the blue low-pressure line. The other connects to the red high-pressure line. The middle one is a utility port for refrigerant or other use.

Reading an HVAC Gauge

Match the gauge set to the system’s refrigerant before taking a reading. If the gauge isn’t made for the refrigerant the system uses, the reading will be wrong. For analog gauges, make sure that the gauge needle is set to zero before you start. Once attached and turned on, the needle will swivel to reveal the pressure.

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