two technicians installing an new HVAC unitAt ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, we excel at taking care of your HVAC in Hackberry, LA. Your heating and air systems are vital to your family’s year-round comfort. Regular professional inspections and tune-ups can protect your home from various emergencies and keep your energy costs down.

    Our experienced team of NATE-certified technicians will have no problem installing, repairing, or maintaining your indoor comfort equipment, and they’ll provide exceptional service on all the top brands and models.

    Hackberry HVAC Repair

    Frequent HVAC use puts a lot of strain on your indoor comfort systems. This constant stress can compromise vital parts and cause them to shift, crack, or break entirely. Systems in need of repairs may struggle to turn on or produce enough heating or cooling. Pay attention to loud persistent noises like grinding, squealing, whining, or booming.

    There may also be unpleasant burning or rotten egg odors. Additionally, damaged systems are at a higher risk of short cycling or turning on and off rapidly before achieving the desired temperature. Calling for repairs immediately after noticing heating and air issues can correct the damage before it spreads and worsens.

    HVAC unit

    Conscientious Heating and Air Installation

    Air conditioners usually last between 10 and 15 years while furnaces will last up to 20 years depending on the model. Unfortunately, even with the best routine service, these systems will eventually reach a point where they can’t fulfill your household’s needs. Rather than keep your old system in place for as long as possible, it’s better to replace it before it takes a toll on your utility bills.

    Older furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners usually have lower efficiency ratings and outdated safety features. Investing in an installation can give you access to new and improved smart controls and better indoor air quality. Upgraded systems can keep your home comfortable at a fraction of the cost.

    Hackberry Heating and Air Maintenance

    Consider scheduling maintenance at least once a year with our expert heating and air team. The peak summer and winter seasons cause a lot of wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. This can result in spikes in your energy usage and a decrease in overall comfort. It’s best to plan your tune-ups in the spring or fall to minimize system harm and maintain efficiency. Our team will comb through your entire system to ensure every motor, seal, vent, tube, and more are in optimal condition.

    Here are a few benefits of regular maintenance:
    • Longer system life span
    • Lower monthly utility bills
    • Decreased risk of breakdowns
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Enhanced personal comfort

    Contact the expert team at ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc today for any of your Hackberry home’s HVAC needs.