Do Plants Help Indoor Air Quality?

February 16, 2020

The air quality inside your home is an important part of being healthy. Irritants in the air trigger allergies, asthma and feeling unwell in general. Poor indoor air quality also affects your sleep habits and energy levels. Improving the air quality in your home does not mean investing in expensive equipment or devices. Here are four ways to improve indoor air quality naturally.

1. Open the Windows

It may seem counterintuitive to open your windows when you want to improve air quality inside your home. After all, you want to avoid the allergens and pollutants outside. The reason why you should open your windows is that indoor air may have higher concentrations of the allergens compared to the outdoor air. Homes are designed to seal in air that is circulating through your HVAC system as part of being energy efficient. The downside is that airborne particles are trapped inside your home.

2. Use Home Accessories

You can find several types of home accessories that improve indoor air quality. Beeswax candles are known to purify the air by releasing ions that trap airborne particles. Salt lamps help with allergies and asthma by drawing water from the air that has trapped particles.

3. Grow Plants

Plants are nature’s natural air purifiers. Some of the best plants to clean indoor air are spider plants, bamboo and devil’s ivy. These plants can remove irritants, bacteria, viruses, dust and mold from the air.

4. Dust, Sweep, and Do Laundry

When you walk around your house, sit on your furniture or go to bed at night, you release particles into the air that are trapped in fabrics and carpets or resting on floors. Cleaning house reduces the amount of dust, pet dander, and other particles.

Rely on the Experts

Taking a few simple steps can greatly improve your indoor air quality, but you may need some additional help. HVAC experts can recommend air purifiers and other accessories for your HVAC system. In Lake Charles and the surrounding areas, rely on ACR Air Conditioning & Heating. Our technicians are NATE-certified, and we offer repair, maintenance, and installation for all heating and cooling services. Call ACR Air Conditioning & Heating today to learn more.

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