With average summer temperatures in the 90s, a commercial air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment for any business in Moss Bluff, LA. Your commercial AC unit helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment, which improves employee productivity and your customers’ experience.

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    A malfunctioning cooling unit can interfere with your business. A breakdown can even cost you money due to loss of business. To avoid these issues, work with a qualified technician to keep your unit in perfect working condition.

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    Installing a commercial AC is a complex job that involves numerous steps and potentially dangerous equipment. The unit also has many components that complement one another, and damage to a single part can affect the entire system. For this reason, it’s important to leave commercial installations to experienced professionals.

    The technicians at ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc have the right tools and expertise to install any unit safely. They can also help you choose the perfect commercial air conditioner for maximum efficiency. If you install an undersized system, it will struggle to meet the cooling demands. This will strain the AC, resulting in high energy use and frequent breakdowns. An oversized unit uses too much energy than necessary. Also, it turns on and off frequently and doesn’t draw out all the moisture. Our team will help you avoid issues related to an improperly sized system.

    After installation, it’s important to regularly maintain your AC unit. During a maintenance visit, a technician will check for faulty components and worn-out belts. They’ll also fasten loose electrical connections, clean the coils, and lubricate moving parts to allow smooth operation. Regular maintenance helps minimize energy use. Also, during tune-ups, the technician can spot minor issues and fix them before they escalate into significant problems. This will save you from unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs. A well-maintained system will keep the indoor temperature consistent, improve indoor air quality, and maintain a healthy environment.

    If your AC develops issues before the maintenance date, seek prompt repair services. Signs that your system needs repairs include:
    • Disruptive noises
    • Unusual odors
    • Inconsistent temperature
    • Spike in utility bills

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    Commercial HVAC Services - ACR Air Conditioning and Heating A commercial AC unit is a substantial investment, and you wouldn’t want to replace it sooner than expected. So, leave installations, servicing, and repairs to professionals like those at ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Our team of technicians is determined to provide top-notch services. We have over two decades of experience in helping commercial customers maintain indoor comfort.

    Our team compassionately listens to all clients and works with them to develop a solution that best suits their needs. We provide exemplary customer service and handle all projects with precision. Our shop is located on Craft Street in nearby Lake Charles, and we’re ready to quickly serve any customer in Moss Bluff or the surrounding area.

    Are you interested in learning more about our commercial air conditioner services in Moss Bluff? Call us today to speak with one of our team members. You can also count on us for residential heating and cooling services.