It’s a scorcher in Dequincy, LA, and that means that AC maintenance is more important than any other time of the year. Keeping your air conditioner running cool and efficiently will become critical in the hottest days of the season. Having a trained expert regularly perform an AC tune-up ensures that the majority of the energy you spend has gone to good use. Minor leaks and filthy parts can quickly snowball into a more significant issue if left unchecked, but our team has you covered.
    AC Maintenance in Dequincy, LA

    How AC Maintenance Helps You

    If you were to go long periods of time without proper maintenance, you would lose out on energy efficiency. While the problems with your AC may be minor, they add up over time. This causes the energy you use to go to waste because your unit must work harder than it should to produce results.

    Forcing your AC to work through minor issues continually will add unnecessary wear and tear to your AC system. In addition, this erosion of your system will cost you more money each month and lead to a sooner need for the replacement of your AC.

    On the other hand, regular tune-ups have astounding benefits. Preventing the accumulation of faulty parts will aid you in keeping your home safe. You will put yourself in a better position to avoid house fires. The increased efficiency is also better for the environment.

    There are several other benefits to keeping up with your AC maintenance.
    • Warranty coverage
    • Cleaner ducts
    • A comfy home
    • Healthier air

    Don’t miss out on the convenient benefits of maintenance. Between seasons is an especially good time to have a professional fix your leaks, replenish your refrigerant levels, and make sure your ducts are secure.

    AC Tune-Up in Dequincy

    AC Tune-Up in Dequincy For more than 20 years, ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc has serviced the people of Dequincy. Located near Lake Charles right of Interstate 210, ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc is entirely customer-focused. That means everything we do is 100% for the community. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum comfort in your home.

    While the heat is on in Louisiana, it would be horrible to have to experience poor cooling in your home. So, if you feel like you require a tune-up, call us today.

    Are you not looking for AC maintenance? We also offer heating tune-ups. Fall is just around the bend, so make sure your family is ready.

    Unfortunately, regular maintenance doesn’t prevent all repair needs. If you need to get your unit running again, we’re the team to trust for AC repairs.

    Has your system seen better days? We offer quick and convenient financing for your installation.